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Chris Adams
Chris Adams


I'm a broken hallelujah

I'm a white line on the highway

I'm a fool for thinking your love

was coming back my way


I'm a picture in your locket

I'm the life you left behind         

So I'm gonna ride this rocket

to the end of line



So I'll ride until the sun comes up

and think of anything but us

Find a little place down by the sea

Where I can drown your memory

I might find someone to ease the pain 

but it's just a temporary thing 

I'm gone tomorrow anyway

I'm a drifter



I'm a prisoner to the notion

That I'll outrun your memory

But if I stop moving these emotions

They'll get the best of me

But your there in every sunset

In every windswept desert sky

In the night I hear your footsteps walking through my mind

Yeah, they're right behind

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