New Beginning

Chris Adams
Chris Adams


See that picture on our mantle piece
Of you and me and our fine family
Now we’ve got to make room for one more face in that picture frame
And find some space up on the wall.


We gave away all the baby clothes
Toys and games that all the others had outgrown

Now here we go, looks like we're starting all over again

and I'm scared....





But I know, everything’s gonna be alright
I believe we can make it
I know, every little tear that falls
Is like water on the ground
We're like flowers in the rain
One day we'll open to the sun above
And a new beginning





When we were young we were starry eyed

We're not where we thought we'd be at this point in time

Life always seems to happen outside the plans that you make


But you and me and this baby boy

Will half the sorrows and double all the joys

and we'll still hold on to hope for a brand new day

and I'll still say....

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