Under This Silent Sky

Chris Adams

Stand out vocals, reminiscent of Don Henley, paired up with rock solid songwriting skills make this a favorite of acoustic rock, country, and gospel music fans.

In an age where hype is king and outrageous personality has become a substitute for talent, there are very few performers who can actually live up to their promo packs and deliver the goods artistically.

Fortunately, a handful of die-hard artisans are still forging their way through the industry haze. Chris Adams belongs to that remnant.

Artist, Writer, and Producer are just a few of the hats he wears on a regular basis. With two self-produced projects under his belt and scores of projects produced for other artists, he has attracted attention not only in his home state of Virginia, but also from several Nashville producers and publishers.

Several of his original songs have been on hold recently with major recording artists. In fact, so much of his material is floating around Nashville right now that it seems only a matter of time until he joins rank with other prominent artist/writers who have found that elusive golden door into Music City, USA.

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